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Mother’s Day

Mini Sessions



Boho dress for mother's day sessions

Mother’s Day Mini Sessions

Gowns Available

We currently have 3 gowns to choose from.  White lace, Gold knit or Burgundy lace.

Boho Theme

This year’s Mother’s Day Mini Session theme is a boho design meant to perfectly compliment you and your children in every way.

April 23

April 23rd spots are currently available with sessions starting at 2:00pm.  Spots are held at 30 minute intervals.  Click below to book a spot.

May 3, 6

There are two dates for Mother’s Day Sessions in May.  May 3rd sessions start at 5:00pm and run at 30 minute intervals.  May 6th sessions begin at 1:00pm and start every 30 minutes.  Click below to book your spot.

About Me 

Hi!  I’m Linda.  I’m a children’s and family photographer here on the Central Coast.  I have my own studio in Atascadero and this is where the magic happens.  

When my kids were little, I wanted to do everything I could to keep the memories alive because they were growing so quickly.  It seemed like every week, there were so many amazing things to remember and so many were already forgotten.  

My goal today is to help families remember the moments that you don’t even know you’ll forget.  I capture the details of every day life that you’ll miss as they grow and the joy of just being a kid.  Remember what that felt like?  It was amazing!  

Together, we can make sure that you and your family can feel that amazing feeling every day, for generations to come.  Nothing beats looking back on family photos and I love to create that warm feeling for my clients! 


Linda is fantastic to work with! You can tell she really cares and she can get my 5 month old to smile the whole time! Her mini sessions are adorable and she has so many cute accessories to get the perfect shot. The end results are always amazing! Highly recommend!

Candice S.

Mother’s Day Photo Sessions Include…

  • 3 Digital Files
  • 20 Minute Session
  • Access To Client Closet
  • Unlimited Memories

Mother’s Day Mini Sessions are a great way to celebrate being a mom.  This year, treat yourself to all kinds of amazing experiences.

Getting photos with your kids kids is a super fun way to connect with them and it’s a great excuse to pamper yourself in the process.  Picture day is the perfect day to schedule that hair and makeup appointment you’ve been putting off. 

Hit the spa the day before and you’ll be perfectly ready for any Mother’s Day photo session!

I have 3 gowns to choose from in the studio, or you can feel free to have a shopping day and find the perfect dress for your photos.  I recommend neutral, light colors and flowy fabric…the longer the better.  My client closet gowns include gowns in gold, white lace and burgundy.  

Mother sitting on the floor with her two young boys wearing a white dress
mother in a yellow dress sitting with her two toddler boys with a boho background
Mother sitting on the floor with her young son wearing a white dress


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