Hi! I’m Linda!

I am a wife, mother, teacher and creator. I love all things family!

I grew up in Santa Ynez, California and had a very close relationship with my grandparents. My fondest memories are of my summers with them and I LOVE looking back at old pictures. Pictures are my connection to them now that they are both gone and that’s a big reason I became a photographer

I always loved looking at old photo albums and having my grandma tell me who was in the photo (or trying to decipher her handwriting on the back). I spent countless hours as a kid going through album after album. There were a TON of pictures! My love of those pictures and memories led me to become a photographer myself.

I want to make sure my children and grandchildren can experience that same joy that I had and feel the same connection I felt to those that came before me. In fact, I want that for everyone! It’s one of the many things that makes my job one that I love. I love creating memories for generations to come.

Linda Napoli


Combining my love of children and photography to capture the memories you’ll cherish forever.

My Gallery

A selection of some of my favorite images from my photography studio.

4 year old girl in a pink fluffy dress sitting on a carousel horse in front of a pink carnival background
one year old boy in a yellow romper putting his hands on an orange pumpkin cake
3 year old girl in a yellow lace dress sitting on a chair with a lemonade stand background
toddler girl in a pink and white dress sitting on a fluffy white rug in a lemonade themed photo set
one year old boy crawling toward the camera while smiling