young boy hugging his sister while they sit together in the sand

Christmas at the Beach Siblings Edition

Beach Christmas

These two came to the studio for the Christmas Beach mini session this year. They are just too cute! I can tell they are totally best friends and it’s just about the best ever.

The Christmas beach was the right set for these two. A few years ago, we went to the beach for a different session and had a blast. This beach session was in the studio, but we got to continue the tradition of beach photos together.

They got to play in the sand, give each other hugs and even ride a rocking horse. Being in the studio opens up a ton of possibilities as far as props go. At Christmas, there’s almost nothing that doesn’t work for the kids to play with for photos. I love it when they see a prop, grab it and go with it. Those always end up being among my favorite images.

3 year old girl in a yellow lace dress sitting on a chair with a lemonade stand background

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Pink Christmas storefront

Christmas Mini Sessions

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Santa stacking blocks with a one year old girl in his workshop

Prop Shop

I love shopping for props and Michael’s is one of my favorite stops!

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