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Pretty In Red In Santa’s Workshop

Santa’s Workshop

Santa Claus took some time out of his busy schedule to come visit some kids in the studio (aka Santa’s Workshop) this week and I’m so happy he did! Little “P” had so much fun playing with Santa in his workshop. Once she warmed up to him a little, she was all smiles.

We had a small selection of toys for her to play with in the workshop and she enjoyed having a few options. My little white teddy bear never fails to be a favorite among all the kids who come to the studio for pictures. He has saved the day many times!

Santa had a blast playing with the kids too! I really couldn’t ask for a better Santa to hang out with. Is it too early to be excited for next year? I don’t think so. Santa’s workshop was a blast!

Love the little airplane?

Here’s where you can get one too!

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More About Santa’s Workshop

Santa’s workshop sessions are designed to really keep the magic alive. Santa absolutely loves coming to the studio and interacting with the kids. In my experience, all the kids love to meet Santa. Some children take a little more time to warm up than others, but within just a few minutes, smiles start to appear and they really begin to have fun.

The pictures I get in the studio aren’t like the pictures you get with a mall Santa. No, these sessions are long enough for them to make a real connection. Santa stacks blocks and kids love to knock them down. Everyone loves the teddy bear in the studio and Santa’s great at making the little ones feel comfortable with him.

It’s a true joy to be able to host these photos sessions every year and I love every single one of them!

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