Snowy Gazebo Christmas Mini Sessions

Snowy Gazebo Mini Session

This year, I have a new set for Christmas. The Snowy Gazebo set is full of Christmas charm and is a little girl’s dream. Why? I’m glad you asked! This set includes the use of my blue Christmas gown. There are two options for the gown, depending on your style. The first option is shown here. It’s a blue, satin gown made to fit a wide range of sizes. The dress fits well for sizes between 4 and 6 and laces in the back to allow for all body types. It has a removable outer layer to add even more princess charm and more ruffles!

The second option for gowns is an Elsa themed gown. This gown features a hoop skirt and a removeable hooded cape to match. This one is a size 6, but could probably fit a size up or down, if needed.

No matter what you choose, your princess will absolutely feel the part and you’ll always have pictures to remember the the moment. There’s nothing quite like feeling like a real princess at Christmas!

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Looking to purchase a gown?

When I don’t feel like making my own gown, I like Dollcake gowns! I’ve loved everything I’ve purchased from them.

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