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Maternity Sessions

Maternity photos are a wonderful way to celebrate the changes that are about to come in your family. Welcoming a new baby is amazing and as you get further along in your pregnancy, you may come to realize that everything is about to change. Before you know it, you’ll be loving on your newborn and your pregnancy will be a distant memory.

Maternity sessions are a wonderful way to slow down for just a moment and really enjoy the last moments of your pregnancy. You’ll never feel this way again! Every pregnancy is different and you feel different for each one. A maternity session can help you remember exactly how this one felt.

Pregnant woman walking in wet sand at the beach wearing a red dress

Client Closet

I know it can be difficult to choose a maternity gown to wear for your photos and costly when you do find a gown you love. That’s why I decided to start a client closet full of maternity gowns and accessories for your photo session. The goal is to make it easy for you, so if you would like to choose a gown from the client closet, you are always welcome to borrow one for your session.

Maternity Session Locations

As a family photographer based in San Luis Obispo county, I have have the opportunity to photograph maternity sessions in some amazing places (I mean, what’s not to love about the Central Coast?). Some of my favorite locations for maternity photos are the beach at Morro Bay, the Jim Green Trail in Atascadero and the San Miguel Mission.

Soon, I’ll also be offering maternity sessions in my Atascadero studio. I am currently in the process of building a studio for family sessions, mini sessions and maternity sessions, but it’s still a few months away from completion. Be sure to follow along for updates and an official opening date.

When deciding on a location, consider the look you would like for your photos. The beach will be bright, a trail will be a little darker and anything with a building will include architectural elements in the background. A studio session offers a custom experience because you get to choose your background and props.

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What to Bring

When preparing for your maternity photos, consider bringing small items along to include in your photos. Common items are baby shoes, an ultrasound picture, a small stuffed animal, a small sign with your newborn’s name or even a family heirloom that will be passed on to the baby someday.

If you’d rather have the photos be just you, that’s fine too! We don’t have to use any items at all.

What Clothes to Wear

If there is a place to change clothes (sometimes the car will do), I recommend bringing a change of clothes for your maternity session. Most women like a maternity gown for photos, but would also like to change things up a little half way through. This second change of clothes could simply be a jacket or sweater over your shoulders or as much as a full outfit change. You could have a gown for the first half of your maternity session and pants with a comfortable sweater for the second half.

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure you are comfortable. If you aren’t, it will show in the pictures and you don’t want that.

Have Fun!

No matter where you choose to have maternity photos done or what you decide to wear, your photos will be beautiful because you will be in them. Your photos will show the love you have for your baby before he or she is even born. Your child will have some amazing photos to look back on some day and cherish for a lifetime.

Recent Maternity Sessions

family of 3 with pregnant mom looking up at their son who is on dad's shoulders

San Miguel Mission

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