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Adorable Family Maternity Photos

Morro Bay Maternity Photos

This family is such a dream to photograph. I love every chance I get to take pictures for them! Now that they are expecting their third child, we headed out to Morro Bay for some fun family and maternity photos.

When I arrived, the fog was rolling in and I was concerned they wouldn’t get the photos they had dreamed of. After all, Morro Rock is a huge feature of the beach and a big reason to have your family photos done there. This day, the rock was completely hidden behind a thick layer of fog.

Immediately, I called the family to let them know, in case they wanted to change the location for the photo shoot. Thankfully, they decided to stay with the beach. I’m so glad they did!

family of four posing in beach grass
father tossing his son in the air during family photos at the beach
We started in the dunes with the ocean to the side of us. The tall beach grass in this area draws me in every time. It the perfect area for kids to explore where parents can easily keep an eye on them.

The open dunes covered in wild flowers and wispy beach grass created the perfect background. Since the fog was obscuring the sun, we didn’t have to worry about which way everyone was facing. It was really a dream to photograph here!

After getting some group photos as well as some of just the kids and Momma by herself, we moved on the to the beach itself. Since the rock was not able to be the main background feature, we stuck to the water’s edge.

Finally, we headed back through the dunes on the way back and I caught a cute shot of Dad climbing up the sand with their oldest on his shoulders.

Embracing the Dunes

The Kids

After we got the photos of the whole family, I focused on the kids a bit. I made sure to get plenty of pictures of each parent with each child. These pictures are great for showing the kids later as they help the kids see that they are important in a unique way. They aren’t just part of the family, but they matter on their own too. Photos like this are so special to kids as they grow up and are so fun to look at when they’re adults!

After the photos with Mom and Dad, it was time to focus on just the kids. This age is all about exploration and adventure, so we embraced this time in their lives.

Maternity Photos

While the kids were distracted for just a bit, I focused on Mom. We didn’t have a lot of time before we needed to move on, but we got a few photos focusing on Mom and her newest little one. Maternity photos are great for showcasing your pregnancy journey.

Heading To The Ocean

Before the kids ran out of steam, we headed to the shore for a bit of variety in the background. The sand was super wet for some reason, but that made it easier to walk on. Since the fog was sticking around, it was beginning to get cold, so we wrapped up the session there. The boys got a chance to focus on the new baby for a moment and play with Mom and Dad near the water’s edge.

I even caught a cute picture of Dad exploring with one of the boys on the way back to the car. I love moments like that. It helps me tell the story of the family and the relationships they have with each other. Candid photos like that might be my favorites from every family photo session.

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sunset on a beach in Morro Bay with Morro Rock in the background

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