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Why You Should Have Your Family Photos Done In Summer

Summer Family Photos

Summer is a wonderful season to have your family photos. There’s nothing quite like the freedom and joy of summer and the wonderful feeling really shows in your pictures.

This post is one of a four part blog series that goes into the pros and cons of having family photos done in each season. Even though our seasons are mild here on the Central Coast of California, each one has different things to offer. Let’s take a look at summer.

Long Days

The long days of summer mean more daylight hours. This means you have more time for everyone to get ready because we’ll likely be heading out a little later in the day for your photo shoot. This is great for families with kids who do best after a big meal. We can meet after dinner when everyone has had a chance to fill their tummy and the weather has cooled just a touch.

Kids Are Out Of School

With the kids out of school, we have a little more flexibility when it comes to the day of your photo shoot. If noon on a Thursday works best for you and your family, then we’ll head out at noon on a Thursday!

No school also means that friends can come along and be a part of your photo session. Bringing a friend or two along can be really fun for kids and can especially help those kiddos who are much more hesitant when it comes to pictures.

Water Play

One of the best things about summer is playing in the sprinklers or swimming in the pool. If you are planning a photo session at your home or vacation rental, pictures with the kids playing in the water can be a fun way to capture the playful summer vibes. Even water guns can be a fun way to beat the heat and get some memorable photos.

Play Time

Summer is definitely the season of play. Kids can be hesitant to smile for pictures and having them play makes it easy. If your family is all about summer play time, a lifestyle session at your home may offer you the pictures you want. When the kids are playing, they forget the camera is there and are free to be themselves and just have fun. Summer offers the most outdoor play time and this can be great for family pictures.

If you don’t have a yard that’s picture ready, we can always use mine. I have an acre of land with areas of natural forest, landscaped lawn, and even an area with play equipment. There’s plenty of space to play!

Clear Skies

During summer, you are almost guaranteed sunny, cloudless skies. There’s almost no chance you’ll need to reschedule your session because of bad weather. This can be a relief when schedules are tight and rescheduling would be difficult.

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There’s no denying it…summer on the Central Coast is HOT! If your family doesn’t do well in extreme heat, summer is not the ideal time for your family photos. Since the days are longer in summer, your photo session time might be a little too close to bed time for little ones, so if that’s a concern, another season might be best four you.

The main thing is to have family photos done. You’ll never regret having them done and the images you receive will last a lifetime.

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