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Why You Need A Family Photo Album

When most people think of an album from a photographer, they think of a wedding album. While wedding photographers are generally the ones who you might think of for an album, that’s just one aspect of your life…one day documented in the album.

Family Albums

Family photo albums convey so much more of your life than a wedding album. Family albums share stories. They convey the fun, happy childhood years as well as the nurturing bond between you and your children.

I strongly believe that every family needs a photo album. I’m not talking about those old albums that are filled with sticky pages and blurry 4×6 prints from decades of family vacations.

Don’t get me wrong…the events that shape your life and your childhood are SO worth documenting and I LOVE to look through my own family albums full of vacation and birthday pictures. The memories these albums bring back are everything to me.

But the albums I’m talking about tell your family’s story. It shows who you are, rather than what you did. You family album will showcase your personality, just as it is right now. It will highlight the relationships you have with each family member.

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Types of Photos in the Photo Album

Family photo albums have the perfect combination of posed portraits and candid moments. Your photographer will capture some special moments between you and your kids or you and your spouse. She’ll catch the way you look lovingly into your husband’s eyes. She’ll see how your husband admires you and the way you care for the children. The photographs you receive will help you remember the way your son or daughter looked up at you with the sweetest smile in the whole world. I can’t think of a more perfect gift.

I know, I know, everyone has instant access to thousands of photos on their phone. I do too! So why pay for a photographer and a family album? Well, let me ask you something. When was the last time you actually looked at those pictures? I bet you looked at the most recent ones not too long ago, especially the ones of your kids. But when was the last time you looked at the pictures you took 5 years ago? Or 10 years ago? It’s been a while, right?

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A Photo Album is Magic!

That’s the magic of photo albums. You have this amazing, heirloom book on your coffee table and every time friends come over, they look through it, just a little. Then you come over to tell a little story about the photos and you remember how much fun the photo shoot was. The next thing you know, you’ve been smiling and laughing at all the memories you thought you had forgotten long ago. You remember how it felt to hold your son in your arms. You remember the joy of running along the beach with your daughter and how she had the biggest smile on her face.

Photo books tell the history of your family. They give future generations emotional connections that can’t be made any other way. There’s a big difference between looking through a physical photo album and a phone full of digital files. When you feel the pages, it’s almost like feeling the moment. It helps give you a connection to your family history. In fact, I want to go look at my family’s old photo albums right now!

Types of Photo Albums

Photos albums come in many different styles and sizes. Covers come in leather, linen, acrylic and so much more. You can have your favorite images cover the whole page or add additional pages to fit all of your family pictures. It’s totally up to you.

When clients come to my studio for their photo reveal session, I have a family photo album already designed for them. My clients are able to choose any printed pictures they would like as well as customize the album I have created. Some families love the photo album as it is and others have a few adjustments they would like before I send it to print.

No matter what you choose, you family photo album will have future generations feeling nostalgic and grateful that you chose to preserve the moments that meant the most to you.

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Special Gift

Photo albums also make the perfect gift, especially for the person who has everything. You literally cannot have too many memories. New memories are many every moment of every day. Not all of them stay in our long term memory, but they still happen. Being able to look at pictures in a photo album is a priceless gift and often brings family members to tears (in a good way!). I highly recommend taking a video of the moment your photo album gift is opened. Parents and grandparents will treasure this gift like none other.


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