Mommy and Me Mini Sessions

What better way to celebrate the bond between mother and child than with Mother’s Day mini sessions? These cute little photo sessions are perfect for a day together or when you need to update those pictures on the wall.

This year, I am offering Mother’s Day sessions at a discounted rate of $125. This includes 3 digital images and an 8×10 print!

mommy and me mini session

Why should you have Mommy and Me photos?

There’s no denying it…moms just have a different relationship with the kids than dads do. Not to say it’s better or worse, but it’s different and wonderful! Moms like to cuddle the little ones and play peek-a-boo. Mom is also the one who takes all the pictures, am I right? So who’s going to take pictures of Mom with the kids? Me! That’s what I specialize in and it’s so important to have those pictures.

I bet you have more pictures on your phone than you can count, but how many of them include Mom? Not many, I would guess. Mommy and Me sessions are made for getting those missing pictures in your hands. Think about the pictures you have with your mom…aren’t they some of your favorites? They mean the world to you and bring so much joy to your heart. Let’s do the same for your kids! Let’s get those amazing memories saved for your family.

If you are looking for an alternative to full family portrait sessions, the Mommy and Me sessions are perfect for you! Just you and your little ones, or even you and your mom. Generation photos are also a fun way to celebrate Mother’s Day and we can easily get you all in for your photo session.

Mommy and Me Set

This year, I have a set in the studio that Mom is sure to love. The set includes a neutral, white brick backdrop with plenty of greenery to add a touch of spring and some natural elements for a bit of boho. If your little ones are a bit shy, I’ve got plenty of coordinating toys they can play with to make sure we get some candid photos as well as a few posed shots, or you can bring a favorite toy from home for even more memories. I want everyone to feel comfortable and have fun in the studio and sometimes that means bringing a little piece of home with you.

The Mommy and Me mini sessions aren’t just for you and your little one either! This mini session is also great for bringing your own mom in for a quick photo shoot. It can be just the two of you or a generation session too. While these aren’t designed to be a full family session, they are designed to showcase the love between a mother and her child, no matter how old.

boy playing on a rug with wood blocks

What to bring…

The studio is a great place for moms to really connect with their kids. Bringing elements from home can really help me capture the special moments that make your relationship special. If you have a favorite board game that you like to play, bring it along to your photo session!

Do you and your son or daughter like to cuddle up and read books together? Bring a blanket and some of your favorite books so I can capture those special snuggles with your babies. I absolutely love it when the kids get excited and have ideas of their own, so be sure to include them ask what they would like to bring too. You never know what fun and amazing memories you will make together. You might even decide to make Mother’s Day photos an annual tradition!

mother playing with son on a rug with wood blocks

What to expect…

Sessions typically take 10-20 minutes and are done in my Atascadero studio. Plan to spend a few minutes letting your little one settle in to their new surroundings and help them get comfortable. I’ll start with a few posed pictures before moving on to more candid shots. Most of the photo session will simply be you and your child (or children) interacting with each other. I’ll photograph you being you and your children loving it. The idea is to keep things natural and real.

You’ll end up with a gallery full of beautiful photos and real moments. You’ll be able to remember your family just as they are right now. Throughout the years, there will be moments that you miss, but these won’t be among them.

After your photo session, you’ll come back to the studio when your images are ready for you (in about 1-2 weeks). I’ll have some pictures printed for you to see and a slideshow will be prepared with a full album design. You’ll be able to choose the photos you would like any other printed items. Just like with my family portrait sessions, there’s never any pressure to buy any extra pictures or albums, but the option is always there.

Ready to book your Mommy and Me mini session?

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