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Family Vacation Videos

Family videos aren’t what they used to be. They’re better! Professional family vacation videos are the very best way to document your family’s vacation and showcase the fun you had!

Professional videos aren’t the same as your grandma’s home videos of the vacation your parents took to the Grand Canyon. Gone are the days of grainy home videos. Gone are the days where the whole family can’t be in the same video. Today’s family vacation videos are high quality works of art that slow down the moments of your day and let you see the joy and fun you shared during your family vacation.

How Family Vacation Videos Work

After booking your family film session, we’ll decide on a day that works best for you and your family. There may be some activities that you would like to document more than others or maybe you’ll choose a day when you are visiting family.

I’ll spend a few hours with you and your family and will follow you around while you enjoy the day. I’ll get footage of you interacting with each other, the kids playing, the parents resting, the laughter and the fun! All you need to do is enjoy your vacation. You won’t do anything different just because I’m there. I won’t pose you. I won’t interrupt your fun to have you do something special. My job is to capture the day as it really is…and all the moments of joy that will fill it.

Places for Vacation Films

Are you renting an Airbnb? If the place you rented is where you are spending most of your time, let’s do it there!

Are you planning a trip to one of the many family friendly venues in the Paso Robles area? Let’s do it!

Heading to the beach? I’ve got my beach towel ready!

In fact, we can do them all! We aren’t limited to just one activity for your family vacation video. I’ll be with you for 2-3 hours, so there’s plenty of time to head to the beach, play in the pool, visit the zoo or go to the park.

Booking a Vacation Film

Booking your vacation video is easy. Contact me here or book online below.

Family Films

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Looking for a family lifestyle video in your home? Check out our Family Film page.

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