Colorful Beach Cake Smash


Birthday Cake Smash Full Of Color And FUN!

one year old girl in a black and white checkered outfit sitting on a skateboard, holding a pineapple cup with beach balls and a colorful streamer background

Designing the Set

This colorful cake smash session had two different sets to design and I was so excited to get started. Both sets were new concepts for me and I was excited for the challenge. Raven’s mom knew what she wanted and I was going to do my best to make her vision come to life.

The streamers were really stumping me for a while. Then, Tiffany sent me a inspiration photo where streamers were set up in two layers and it all clicked in my brain! I get to work cutting the streamers and attaching them to my backdrop frames. After sending a sample photo to Tiffany and getting the go-ahead, I continued to set up the backdrop with more streamers, balloons and the beach balls she had bought for the session.

Creating the Beach

I’ll be honest…I’ve always wanted to create the beach in the studio. I don’t know why, but it’s been a dream of mine for a coupe of years now. I think the thought if bringing in 300 ponds of sand was just too much for me without a client specifically wanting it.

When Tiffany started talking about beach balls, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to create the beach inside the studio! We decided on the colors based on what the beach balls had and I got started on the design.

I could not be happier with how the beach set turned out! Raven had fun playing in the sand and we didn’t have to deal with the wind and fog. Setting up the beach in the studio was the perfect way to experience the beach for photos with a little one.

one year old girl in a yellow bathing suit sitting in the sand with a beach background and a wood surfboard

Cake Smash

Raven had the best time digging into her cake! I’ve never seen a one year old have so much fun eating a cake. She really embraced the experience and didn’t hold back at all. In fact, when using her hands proved to be too slow, she simply used her face directly.

Raven was the sweetest little cake eater and I really didn’t want to end the session. She was just having too much fun eating the cake!

Colorful Cake Smash Studio Session

Below is a selection of some of my favorite images from this cake smash session.

Momma In Business

Raven’s mom, Tiffany, make the adorable little jean vest that she was wearing during this photo shoot! Can you believe it? This incredibly talented momma has her own business and I’m sure she’d love to create the perfect outfit your your next photo session!

one year old girl in a black and white checkered outfit with a jean vest on holding a pineapple cup with beach balls and a colorful streamer background
first birthday cake in shades of blue with a yellow sun.

The beautiful cake for this session was provided by Just Baked SLO.

Order your cake and desserts at Just Baked SLO.

young boy holding hands with his parents at the beach

Family Maternity Session

Get inspiration for your next maternity session with this adorable family at the beach.

young girl in a yellow lace dress sitting on a white rug with a lemonade stand background

Lemonade Mini Session

Jump into summer with this fun lemonade mini session in the studio!

One year old girl in front of gold balloons and a floral garland

Looking for another cake smash?

This elegant cake smash session was amazing! I can’t get enough of this little one.