One year old boy in a yellow shirt playing with a white pumpkin

Pumpkin Cake Smash

Pumpkin Cake Smash

This little cutie pie turned one just in time for a pumpkin cake smash photoshoot! Mom sent me an inspiration photo and we put this little set together for the session. “C” did great for the photos and was all smiles the whole time. This little one is on the move! I mean, he gave his parents a workout in the studio!

I love how easy it was to get “C” to smile and even though he wasn’t one to sit still, I think we managed to make it look like he did. As with every cake smash photoshoot, I started out with photos of just “C” without the cake. I like to get those happy smiles without the mess of the cake, just for a few minutes. I usually offer several different props for the kids to play with to add variety to the photos.

Cake Smash

He wasn’t overly interested in the cake and preferred to play with the pumpkins at first. Then, the middle of the cake caught his attention with the jam filling. He really loved the jam. By the end of the session, the frosting seemed to have multiplied and spread in every crack and crevice. It was perfect!

3 year old girl in a yellow lace dress sitting on a chair with a lemonade stand background

Ready for Lemonade?

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Dinosaur Cake Smash

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one year old girl in a white romper eating a white cake in front of a pink carnival background

Pink Cake Smash

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