4 year old girl in a pink fluffy dress sitting on a carousel horse in front of a pink carnival background

Pretty In Pink Mini Session

It’s Carnival Time!

It’s like this pink carnival set was designed just for Mallory! I mean, does it get any cuter than this right here? Mallory always has fun in the studio, but this time, I think she had an extra good time.

This session was just in time for the Mid-State Fair! I’m so excited about it.

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4 year old girl in a pink fluffy dress sitting in front of a pink carnival background

Pink Carnival Fun In The Studio

We started out with some dance moves, because what little girl doesn’t love to twirl in a pretty dress? This dress is one that’s in my client closet and it was perfect for this session. Mallory felt just like a pretty princess in the dress. That’s exactly what I wanted. I love it when girls come to the studio and get to feel like the prettiest think on the planet.

Carousel Horse

What could be better than a carousel horse for a carnival themed mini session? I can’t think of much! I just happen to have one in the studio and it’s sturdy enough for little ones to actually ride it. Mallory loved the horse and she got to feel like she was riding a real horse.

Relaxing in the Studio

We ended the pink carnival mini session with some relaxing…well, kind of. Some simple photos with this little cutie pie just hanging out on the floor and being cute. Sometimes, kids just need to be themselves. No props, no jokes, just plain, beautiful, them. By the end of a mini session, most kids are ready to just be there for a moment. After fifteen minutes of people trying to make them smile, I like to give them time to do whatever it is that they want for a few pictures.

Sometimes, this means being silly. Other times, this can be laying down and pretending to sleep, which always brings more giggles when I ask them what they are doing. Whatever is is that your little one does in the studio, I’ll be there to capture it all.

Mid-State Fair

Looking for more information on the Mid0-State Fair and what’s offered this year? Check out their website.

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one year old girl in a yellow bathing suit sitting in the sand with a beach background and a wood surfboard

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