School backdrop

Don’t Wait For School Photos

Don’t wait for school photos…do this instead!

Choose your backdrop

Unlike with school pictures, in the studio, you get to choose the backdrop! School photos are so much more fun when you can choose what you want and that’s exactly what we do.

There’s a wide range of backdrops to choose from, so you’re sure to find something you love. From preschool themes through high school, there’s something for everyone.

Fast Delivery

School photos seem like they can take months to arrive. Between waiting for picture day to be scheduled and waiting for the photos to be delivered, it can feel like you’ll never get your photos.

Not in the studio! Not only can you schedule your session when it’s convenient for you, but your images will be delivered in about a week!

Only Pay For Photos You Love

The best part about having your school pictures done in the studio is that you only pay for the pictures you love. You’ll never have to hope the picture turns out well and then wait for picture re-take day if it doesn’t!

Easily mix and match your photos to get the combination you want. You can easily choose wallet sized photos of one look and larger prints of another.

Same Pricing

School photos are quick and there is no sitting fee. It works the same way as they do at school! You only pay for the pictures, and there’s no obligation to purchase anything at all.

Plus, school photos at Little Magnolia Photography Studio are priced the same as those through the bigger companies. So what have you got to loose? Book your school photo session and get quick access to school photos.

Senior girl walking away from the ocean at the beach
family of four standing on the shore of the beach looking at each other
School backdrop

School Photo Frame

I’m in love with these school photo frames. I love how easy it is to display them all and see how much the kids have grown.

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