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Why Family Photos Are Important

Why are family photos so important?

Family photos are one of those things that everyone loves the idea of, but not everyone gets around to having them done. Life gets in the way and the ones we love might not be so enthusiastic about being in front of the camera. To be honest, I don’t always love having my picture taken either. But we make it a priority every year and the older my kids get, the more I appreciate that we had family pictures done every year.

If you need a little help convincing your family that there are benefits to having family photos done, have no fear! I’ve got you covered. Here are my top four reasons family photos are so important.

How do photos impact us emotionally?

The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words still holds value today. Even in the age of Photoshop and AI, photos still have enormous value to us.

Research shows that emotionally charged pictures speak more directly to us than words. What does that mean? It means that words aren’t needed when we see a pictures that means a lot to us. Sometimes, it can be hard to put our emotions into words. Pictures can quickly fill any void we feel when words simply aren’t enough.

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Mother and two young sons cuddling in bed during a lifestyle photo session

Why are pictures more powerful than words?

Humans process visual data and respond to it faster than any other type of information. On top of that, 90% of the information we receive is transmitted to the brain visually.

When our visual world can be so emotionally charged, there’s no way to deny the importance of pictures. Family connections are something we value more than anything else. We crave connection and look for strong family values in a partner. When we find that, it’s important to hang onto it. Pictures can help us do that.

The bond between a mother and a child can be described with words, but that can’t make you feel the bond like a picture can. When you can see the way your mom smiles at you in a picture, you can actually feel the love. When a husband looks at his wife in admiration, she can feel the love in the picture where the photographer captured that very look.

Pictures help us feel connected, even when we’re apart. There’s nothing else that can do that in the same way.

Pictures help build confidence and boost self esteem in children.

When children see family pictures on the walls, their place in the family is reinforced and visually confirmed. We can all learn at a young age that words don’t always hold weight. Kids (and adults) can sometimes wonder if what people say is true. When there is evidence to back up what people say, their words become more credible. Pictures provide this evidence. When you tell your child they are important in the family and that you love them, you back up these words by showing them. Pictures show them that you are thinking of them.

I remember when I was a kid, I spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ house. They had a long hallway lined with family photos. Every time I walked down the hallway, I looked at the pictures. And every time I looked at the pictures, I thought of family. It was a wonderful feeing! It was a feeling of belonging. I felt like my family was rooted and strong. Those simple family photos made me feel secure and like I belonged. And for someone who was adopted, that was huge!

Digital photos don’t have the same benefits.

Digital photos are wonderful and I love the ease of them. But to get the constant emotional benefits of family photos, they need to be printed and displayed.

Large family posing for pictures at the Jim Green Trail during winter

Display your photos prominently.

It’s not enough to have photos printed, then stuffed in a box. Your family photos must be proudly displayed on your walls! I know you’re proud of your family and they should know it too. Frame those photos and display them proudly.

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family with four teenage kids sitting in the sand at shell beach

Kids grow way too fast!

My very top reason why family photos are so important is because kids grow so very fast. I know you’ve heard it before. I know you feel it every day. They grow up too fast!

Even if you don’t have professional family photos done annually, be sure to take photos at every family event. Life gets busy and you’ll want these pictures to look back on. I promise!

Prioritize Family Photos

Prioritizing family photos is something you’ll never regret. You’ll be so happy about having annual family photos to look back on when your kids are grown and moved out. Connections will be made stronger by simply having your family photos displayed on your walls.

Having family pictures done is something to look forward to and have fun with. I love it when families have fun and deepen the connections that will last a lifetime.

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