Newborn girl in a basket with pink accents

Sweet Newborn Girl Wrap Session

All The Pink

Zariah did an amazing job for her first photoshoot and I could not be happier with her pictures. She was so calm in the studio and seriously gave me baby fever!

We started out with some pink props. I used my pink faux fur to line the basket. Then I paired that with a pink headband and even a tiny pink teddy bear.

Adding More

To make sure I got a variety of photos before moving her, I decided to switch the headband and add a bonnet. I wanted to make sure that if she woke up when moving her to the next prop, we would still have a nice variety ff photos. I think the reindeer headband is one of the cutest ones in the studio and I’m so glad I got to use it for Zariah!

The pink teddy bear at the end was just what she needed for one more final picture in the basket.

Newborn Bed

Since she stayed asleep so well when I moved her, I decided to use the newborn bed. I’ll only use this prop when the baby is really asleep because safety is always my top priority. I also have Mom or Dad sit really close and keep a hand on the baby and only lift up for a moment when I take the picture.

For this newborn bed, I kept it simple. I used the headband for a few, but then took it off for a few photos as well. I love how Zariah kept her little hands at her face so well. She really liked having her hands up by her face.

Blue’s For Girls Too

The last bit of props I used for Zariah’s newborn session was my boho newborn bed. This bed pairs really well with darker colors and earth tones, so I decided to go with the dark blue. Plus, I have a pretty little blue floral headband that matched perfectly, so it all fit together.

This sweet girl slept like a little angel!

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