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Father Daughter Photos In Pismo Beach

Pismo Butterfly Grove

Josh chose the Pismo Butterfly Grove for family photos this year and I think he made the right choice. We wandered around a bit to find that perfect spot. Not long after we started walking, we saw a cute little fence that was perfect for a photo or two.

The Butterfly Preserve was a bit crowded, so we skipped the bridge photos and went straight over the to this beautiful trail. With the trees lining either side of the trail and the sunset light filtering through, I think this was my favorite spot.

Then, we stepped to the side just a bit and got some photos of just Kaia. She doesn’t always like to smile, but she was happy to show me her beautiful smile here.

We waked just a little further down the trail. There’s this beautiful little spot up on a sand dune overlooking the beach. A few scattered trees provided the perfect spot to sit and relax for a bit. This is also a great spot for anyone who might not want to sit in the sand, but still wants the beach photo.

Finally, we walked back to the car, but not before stopping for just a few more photos. Every year, we have Josh swing Kaia around and she loves it! These photos are always the ones with the biggest smile.

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