one year old girl sitting on a small chair in a butterfly dress holding a teddy bear

What To Expect In Photos Of Your 2 Year Old


I really love it when parents bring their kids at least once a year for photos. It’s always fun to see how they’ve grown and all the new things they’ve learned. You may wonder what it’s like during a photo session for a 2 year old. Well, that’s what this post is all about.

Coming to the studio

When kids come to the studio, they can sometimes be a little shy. This is completely normal and I’m expecting it. Most kiddos take about five or ten minutes to warm up to me and start to smile. During this time, I have no expectations and I really just want to get to know your child a little.

I play peek-a-boo with them and show them some of my cuddly stuffed animals. I’ll likely bring over some of the toys or props that we’ll be using during the session. This allows them to become comfortable with the set while in the safety of Mom’s (or a caregiver) arms.

Two year old boy in a Toy Story themed set sitting on a chair
one year old girl sitting in a chair beside a teddy bear and stuffed bunny

Play Time

Kids love to play! That’s what being a kid is all about. So that’s what we do in the studio. I have toys and props that kids can play with during the session, but you’re welcome to bring some favorites from home as well.

I play interactive games with kids as well, especially when they are a little hesitant to smile. Usually peek-a-boo does the trick, but sometimes I’ll roll a ball to them or stack some blocks so they can knock them down. Kids love to make things crash and the studio is a great place to do that.

I’ve got things like stuffed animals, blocks, toy trains, trucks and so much more for kids to play with. They’re almost guaranteed to have fun in the studio! When they have fun, they smile and I’ll be right there, ready to capture those adorable smiles.

3 year old girl in a yellow lace dress sitting on a chair with a lemonade stand background

Ending The Photo Session

Getting Silly

At the very end of the photo session, we usually get a bit more silly. It can be hard to reign back in the sillies, so I save them for the end. This is when we’ll make silly faces, spin in circles, jump up and down and anything else your little one wants to do to be silly and just have fun.

Final Gallery

Your final gallery will include an assortment of images. Typically, You’ll receive 20+ images to choose from. You’re child will be looking at the camera for some with a serious look, a smile and maybe even laughter. You’ll have some where they are playing with a toy and some where they’re being silly. You might even get one with their cranky face! You never know what you’re going to get, but I always get something cute!

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