Why You Should Have Your Family Photos Done In Spring

Spring Family Photos

Spring is a great time for family photos for so many reasons. Each season offers something different and spring is often overlooked as a family photo season. We tend to think of fall as the perfect time, but I want to show you why I think spring is a great time to schedule your family photo session.


Spring is when things really come alive and when nature shows us what she’s really got. The hills along the Central Coast of California are usually still a little green (especially during a normal rain year) and flowers are plentiful. Blossoms are everywhere and those bulbs we all planted last fall are blooming like crazy. When winter offers enough rain, the wildflowers as abundant and there’s no shortage of beautiful places to take pictures.


Winter can get a little chilly and by the time summer hits, we are considering hibernating, but spring is more mild. Depending on the time of day for your family photos, you may still be able to dress in layers or even wear that amazing, flowy sundress you’ve been dying to wear for months. It rarely rains in Spring (at least on the Central Coast), so you can be fairly certain you won’t need to reschedule your session due to inclement weather. The perfect temperature of spring makes it my favorite season.


You know that feeling you get when spring hits and you get this wonderful burst of energy that seems to last for weeks? Yep, that’s a wonderful feeling. It’s also a great feeling to have for family pictures. When you feel great, you look great and my camera has a way of picking up on those subtle details. The kids are starting to get back into sports and other regular activities, so you have a little more time to plan your family photos and get everyone ready for the big day.


When you get your family photos done in the spring, you free up more time in the fall when everyone else is busy and trying to fit that photo session into an already hectic schedule. You’ll be ahead of the game and ready to send out your Christmas cards before the rush starts. What a great feeling it is to have something checked off your to-do list so early in the year!

Another thing to consider when getting your photos done earlier in the year is gifts. I know it seems early to be thinking about holiday gifts, but it’s really never too early. During the busy times like fall, printers have a harder time keeping up with demand for Christmas pictures, gifts, ornaments and everything else that is ordered around the holidays.

This can mean serious delays in delivery times for some items. If you get your pictures done in the spring, you’ll avoid stressful lead times and be sure to have your gifts ready in time. Current lead times for our albums is about 4 weeks, but during the fall, it changes to 6-8 weeks, so be sure to order your heirloom gift albums super early.

Couple standing under an olive tree in front of grape vines in spring


There are just a couple of drawbacks to having your photos done in spring. The days aren’t quite as long as they will be in the summer, so everyone will have to be ready a little earlier in the day to make sure we catch that sun.

If you’re sensitive to insects, they can be more bothersome during the spring. Pollen is also more prevalent during the spring, so you may want to wait until your allergies are happier in another season.

Whatever time you decide to have family photos done can be a great time and will be cherished for years to come. The most important thing is to just have the photos done. The images you choose will be loved by future generations and are a priceless way to share your love with your family.

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