How To Display Your Family Photos

Family Photos

Now that you’ve got your family photos done and you’ve selected your favorites, what do you do with them? So many people struggle with this and for good reason! We live in a time when digital pictures are more common than family dinners. We might look at the pictures every few years when we’re bored waiting for a doctor’s appointment, but other than that, we almost never look at the pictures we have.

I’m hoping to change all that. Pictures should be cherished and displayed for so many reasons, but mostly because of the way they make you feel. So let’s look at some ways we can make that happen.

Wall Art

Wall art is the most common way to display photos. When I think of my grandparents’ house, I remember the long hallway lined with black and white family photos. I loved this hallway! It felt so good to see the connection we all shared, right there on the walls. I didn’t realize this is why I loved that hallway so much until I got much older, but we all crave connection and family photos give us that in a tangible way.

I recommend having photos proudly displayed on your walls as much as possible. Have a large group photo as well as individual ones, especially of the kids. Having one of just Mom and Dad is great for those times when you really need to feel connected to your spose, It really does help, I promise!

room with wall art photos
fanned pages of a family photo album


The second most common way to display photos is to have a coffee table album. I love albums because when guests come over, I can excuse myself to the kitchen to tend to the dinner while casually mentioning that they can entertain themselves by looking at the album.

When I return, I get to look at it with them and it always brings a smile to everyone’s face. Looking at family photos has this amazing, almost magical ability to make us smile, without even knowing it.

Other Display Options

Video “Book”

I recently discovered video “books” and I am in love. They are essentially a digital photo frame, but it sits on your coffee table and closes like a book. I’ll upload your family photos to the book and you’re all set. It works even better when you have a family video done!

Novelty Items

Coasters are another easy way to display your family photos. You could have a puzzle made or even a blanket with your family photo. So many companies offer a wide variety of photo-related items that it’s easy to find creative ways to display your photos.

two boys in Christmas pajamas playing on a bed with a Christmas theme

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