smiling one year old boy sitting in a white chair with a dinosaur theme behind him

One Year Old Photoshoot Ideas

One Year Old Photoshoot Ideas

One year old babies don’t always like to have their picture taken, but there are some really fun ways to make it enjoyable for everyone. In this post, I’ve compiled some pictures from my favorite one year old mini sessions. I’ll also share some ideas for future sessions I have as well as ones I just plain want to do at some point. I hope you find some inspirations for your own pictures here.

smiling one year old boy sitting on the floor with a dinosaur theme behind him

Dinosaur Mini Session

Dinosaurs are always a big hit, especially with boys. This set was super fun to put together. I wasn’t sure how it would all come together at first, but I just love it! I started out by cutting some basic dinosaur shapes out of some cardboard boxes that I had. Let me tell you, they were not my best work! I had trouble cutting the curves in the cardboard, but once they were painted, everything looked just fine.

After I had the dinosaurs cut out and spray painted, I blew up just a few little balloons to go with them. I made sure they were similar colors so things didn’t look too busy. Then, I added some jungle greenery and it was all done!

This particular session was going to include a cake smash, so I worked closely with the family to make sure I had the right colors for the session.

Flower Garden

This little cutie pie was a little older at 18 months, but she still fits with the one year old crowd. Her parents chose this backdrop and let me know that they liked things a little more on the simple side.

Props were minimal in this set. I added just a few flowers to a wood vase and put some teddy bears in front of it. This little one like the stuffed animals so much that she wanted to make sure they were included in her pictures.

Thankfully, I have enough chairs to be able to include a few extra stuffed animals in the set. She wasn’t too thrilled about sitting, so we used the bears as an example and they showed her what to do. She only sat for a moment, but that’s all I need for a few photos.

I’m glad I was able to keep this set more simple as the parents asked. They love the pictures and I got to capture some great one year old photoshoot memories.

one year old girl sitting in a chair beside a teddy bear and stuffed bunny

One Year Old Photoshoot With Cake

One year old babies don’t always know what to do with cake. Most kids haven’t had much experience with cake by the time they are one. More often than not, we begin with a few tears. But it doesn’t take long for most kids to warm up to the idea of cake.

After they get their hands a little messy (they usually aren’t too happy about this at first), they get to taste the frosting and it’s love at first taste!

For cake smash sessions, plan to get messy! I have a white floor backdrop that wipes clean every time and it has saved me time and time again. I used to use paper for cake smash sessions, but I felt terrible throwing away all that paper every time. Now, the vinyl surface just gets wiped clean.
one year old girl in a white romper eating a white cake in front of a pink carnival background

One Year Old Photoshoot Gallery

Here’s a gallery with some of my recent one year old sessions. Some include cake and others do not. These sets are almost all custom designed. I work closely with parents to make sure their vision comes to life and they love their pictures as much as I do. Time to get creative!

Mother sitting on the floor with her two young boys wearing a white dress

Want to get some pictures with your little one?

Mommy and Me mini sessions are perfect for those special photos.

mother and father playing with their young children at the beach

What to expect at your family photo session…

Learn a little more about how family photo sessions work and what you can expect at yours!

4 year old girl in a pink fluffy dress sitting on a carousel horse in front of a pink carnival background

Carnival mini sessions

These pink carnival mini sessions were a big hit! See more about them here.

Dinosaur themed cake made by Splash Cafe

Splash Cafe Cakes

If you’re looking for a great cake for your little one, I love the cakes that Splash Cafe makes! Check them out!

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